Minggu BZ wat ASGMNT (16DEC-27DEC 2013)

Macam-macam report nak disiapkan , bermula ngan subjek International Business sampai la ke Data Model, semua nak kene siap dalam minggu ni. Penatnya lah aku, dah la kene perah otak kaw2 punyer. Tapi yang x syok nyer subjek Corp Finance. Aduh, penat tenong Annual Report ngan Notes die, x taw nak wat pape langsung, susah kalo x de basic finance ni, tp x pe, usaha tangga kejayaan! ni pon tgh roger2 kawan2 yang taw wat kan, harap2 la dorang bole membantu. Dan 1 lagi , mintak2 la mgu2 ni cepat berakhir , x sabar nak jumpe dan lepak  ngan orang yang tersayang..tgu die je ni...adoi lamaneyer..haha

Sebagai Sample ak paste kan sikit report tu

DATE: Saturday 7.12.2013 – Sunday 8.12.2013
Tentative Program:
Saturday 7.12.2013: Departure from Kuala Lumpur Central to Woodland by KTMB Train at 10.30pm
Sunday 8.12.2013: Arrival from Kuala Lumpur to Woodlands KTMB train station at 9.00am
Sunday 8.12.2013: 9.00am-9.00pm trip around Singapore by walking on the street and take MRT from Marina Station to City Hall and to Woodlands Station to Woodlands KTMB train Stations.
Sunday 8.12.2013: Departure from Woodlands KTMB train station to Kuala Lumpur Central at 11.00pm
Monday 9.12.2013: Arrival from Woodlands KTMB train station to Kuala Lumpur Central at 7.00am
We embark on a journey from Kuala Lumpur Sentral boarding on a train at 10:30 pm composed of 10 students and our very own lecturer Dr. Cordilia. We arrived in Singapore checkpoint in Woodland on Saturday morning, to be exact at 7:30 am. During this short period, we were brief by Dr. Cordilia of our mission and we were group into small team. Our mission is to observe Singapore in terms of the peoples and its correlation to the success of this small nation achievements despite its nature of being a small island that fundamentally lack of natural resources. In this mission, we were tasked to interview Singaporean citizen on how he/she perceives of being a citizen of this small nation inclusive, if permitted, economic and social aspect. Thus, from woodland, Our team Aedy Firdaus Abd Razak, Asnawi Othman,  and Sallehuddin set our venture together momentarily with other teams via taxi to SunTec City. During this travel to SunTec City, we did an interview session with the taxi driver which a born Malay Singaporean at the age around 34’s. Where he did gave us positive response towards our informal questions. After arriving in SunTec City, most of the team began to set their own course, which for our team, we together decided to not purchase one whole day pass ticket for tour bus for instead we tour the SunTec City to Marina Bay by walking. It is not decision to cut off the cost but we feel that in order for us to observe the city we must hands on its on closer look, which is by bare foot. Most noteable skyscrappers is DBS , DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia, with over 250 branches across 16 markets. The bank's strong capital position, as well as "AA-" and "Aa1" credit ratings that are among the highest in the Asia-Pacific region, earned it Global Finance's "Safest Bank in Asia" accolade for five consecutive years, from 2009 to 2013. Along the sidewalks from SunTec City , we passed through Marina Shopping Center, whereby we look for retailer that does not exist in Malaysia.Among the obvious brands includes Sennheiser, Samsonite, Suki-Ya. All of these retailer did not make appearance on Malaysian Market. As a tourist we did some survey in Levi’s store where, at first we observe the promoter attitude towards the foreginer or customer from outsides, for the moment we take a look at the jeans rack, no one approach us, so we did unintentionally act about to leave the store , the cashier instantly move out from the counter and chase us to accomadate. Our collegue Sallehuddin are familiar with the price of the Jeans and start to compared with Malaysian market price. In singapore levi’s store, the price are cheaper for example in Malaysia store for the brands of 501 it cost RM359.00, but in Singapore we can get the price at the cost of $250.00 (RM625) after converted plus get free jeans. Again as comparison in Malaysia if you buy 2 items the cost is 359 times 2 around RM718,and furthermore the probabilty of the price is due to the festive season like the coming of Christsmas, in which the different is about RM93. Moreover another outlet we observed is Guess, for example the jeans (GUESS REBEL) is only cost at $108 (RM270), but in Malaysia the cost is at RM350, the cost can be save as much as RM80.Another store that we observed is Bodyshop, in which we noticed that the price of the item is higher about 10-15% from Malaysian market, then the serving is not good as the promoter didn’t make an effort to approach us to accomadate the needs.The rest of the team members observed the perspectives of treatment of the people, the consumer behaviour and price comparison. We spend almost 45 minutes to walkaround the shopping mall and noticed that is not much different about the arrangement of the shop lot, the different is the brands is not available in Malaysia.Another observation about the people or customer they start to flock into the mall around 11 a.m, maybe by the time that we did the survey as early as 10 a.m. At around 11.15 a.m we did move out from the Marina Square Shopping Mall. Along the walk we see that the traffic along the way is not heavy as Malaysia, most obviously about the bus, they have some sort filter system, that controlling the fumes rates produced by the vehicles. The lesson that we got, is they have good policies on air pollution produced by vehicles in their countries. Apart form that , the timing for the bus to stop at the point and take up the passengers are consistently with the schedule. The advantages of consistent public transport is to ease the journey for the tourist and mostly for the locals.Along the way from Marina Square Shopping Mall, it takes about 1 kilometer and 15 minutes to reach Marina Bay. At first glimpse, we see that many luxuries cars runnning around the building, at the moment we expected that it was the visitors cars, but the expection change when we stopped at the counter of “Ultimate drive”. From here we learn about the business model that seldomly available in Malaysia. The Ultimate Drive makes driving a Supercar a reality. Whereby the driver can experience the thrill of driving on the official F1 circuit in a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Moreover they can unleash the power on the straights of the freeway, or simply cruise along the coastline feeling the wind in your hair. They have different Tours to cater to different needs. Their Street Circuit Tour takes customers on the famous F1 course for around 15 minutes ($298).Plus Street to Freeway Tour takes you around the F1 street circuit first, then lets you open it up and fly on the freeway for roughly half an hour of fun ($468).Apart from that the Ultimate Tour, you get to drive on the F1 street circuit before taking to the freeway for approximately one hour of performance driving. If you book two Ultimate Tours together, both cars can move off simultaneously and you can choose to swap supercars half way through and experience the thrill of driving both the Lamborghini and Ferrari ($788).Above are the Drivers' rates. Customers who book the Passengers ride can enjoy 20% off the Drivers' rates. In addition if you book two or more Tours, you will get an extra 10% off on all the Tours. These cars are 2-seaters, and due to insurance, and most importantly, safety issues, at any time during the Tour, we can only allow one customer per car. There will either be a co-driver sitting next to the customer who would be driving, or our professional and friendly driver would be in the driver’s seat chauffeuring the passenger.
However, most customers that want two people to enjoy the experience at the same time choose a double Tour. Each person will take a supercar and set off together. We have noticed that by doing so our customers enjoy their Tours even more: the two amazing engines are started simultaneously and sound even better plus they set off simultaneously. They can see each other while on the Tour and they sometime even overtake (when safe to do so). If one customer is a passenger instead of a driver in the other car then we have noticed it is a great opportunity for them to take pictures on the way; then when they finish their Tours they share their feelings on their respective supercar right away, a great moment. Plus by booking two Tours, they will get to enjoy a further 10% discount.
Please note that customers buying two Tours will be allowed to take pictures together in the same car before they start their Tour. Our Professional Drivers can assist them taking these great shots. Ultimate Drive are usually very busy – even more so on weekends. Waiting list up to three hours is not uncommon on busy days. Usually their clients make advance bookings, in order to avoid disappointment of not getting the ride at the preferred time. Especially when thisarrangement is going to be a surprise for your Dad, you may want to confirm the booking in advance on our website using Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Paypal. Alternatively we can help you to make the advance booking by telephone if you provide us with your credit card details. If however you do decide to walk in, we will do our very best to assist you in finding a time slot right for you.
At the same building our collegues Asnawi did his interview with Miss Celine supervisor of SweetSpot  Bakery. She explained that nestled into the historic Whitewater Hotel building since 2006, the SweetSpot has become Whitewater’s premier destination for specialty cakes, fresh pastries, delicious deli sandwiches, and the best coffee and specialty drinks in town. With a warm, inviting atmosphere, The SweetSpot is a busy hotspot for daytime gatherings of every sort and a popular destination for studying students. The SweetSpot is a family-run business, community-focused business– owned and operated by mother-daughter team Karen Moline and Lacey Reichwald. The SweetSpot is known for supporting local artists, engaging in numerous town events, and maintaining a staff that is notoriously friendly.
Don’t take our word for it, come in and visit

First Interview
Interviewer : Aedy Firdaus Bin Abd Razak
Respondent : Sharon @ Harun
Age              : 34 (Taxi Driver)

Question 1: Hi Mr Sharon, Aedy Firdaus Bin Abd Razak, I’m student of MBA (Management) from Universti Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of visit, is to conduct a reaserch called “ How Globalize Singapore”. I’m intrested to ask a few question regards to this matter
Yes , please I will answer the question from what i have known about
Question 2: How long have you been a taxi driver and is it full time career?
Almost 4 years since 2010, a part time job and I have weekdays job. Take the job twice a month, only for few occasions. Earn is not much as expected.
Question 3: What is your perspective of your own countries ?
It is “fined” country, in which every single regulations that you not obliged to will be fine to a certain degree of monetary.
Question 3: Are you familiar with the road to SunTech City;
There are many roads that you can take, and it depends on the driver, the more senior you, more familiarized about the road.
Question 4:How your perspective about foreign workers that enter to this country?
Cause the job market to be shrinked especially for the bumiputras, as the wages for this workers are lower than locals. Many companies choose to get labour from china and Philiphines.
Question 5: How about the toll payment?
Yes there are using ERP system, before they entering the highways, they needs to reload the device of smart tag on their vehicles or else , the fined will be imposed.

Question 6: What do you expect of Singapore in 10 years from now?
I hope that , in 10 years time, the cost of living in Singapore is lower than now.
Question 7: How would you see the Singapore Government earn their economic core?
Intangible property such as patents, licenses, trademarks, copyrights and securities produce a variety of types of income, and the taxation of such income may be subject to different rules than similar domestic income. The provisions for taxation of foreign income are often subject to modification by treaty, and the Singapore has negotiated treaties with over sixty nations.

Second Interview:
Interviewer : Asnawi Othman
Respondent:  Celine Lee
Age           :  35 (Supervisor of  SweetSpot)

Question 1: Hi Miss, I’m Asnawi Othman, I’m student of MBA (Management) from Universti Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of this visit, is to conduct a reaserch called “ How Globalize Singapore”. I’m intrested to ask a few question regards to this matter. I ‘m overwhelmed with SweetSpot Bakery, as this shop are not availbale in my country. Second is , the decoration is exclusive , but the price are still reasonable from my perspectives. Can you introduce youself and tell us a little bit about the shop?
Firstly, I would like to thank you, that you show us your deep interest on our products. Hi, I’m Celine, acting as a Supervisor at SweetSpot in Marina Bay oulet. In Singapore we have only one outlet and it is located at this very place. The business started in 2003 in Singapore and originated from Texas, America in the year of 1999. The outlet is located at Marina Bay Hotel, the brand new gourmet shop concept offering premium cakes & pastries as well as an array of quality choclates & confectionaries, breads, sandwiches, panini and salads. Wheter you are looking for a spectacular wedding cake or cute cupcakes, wheter you crave for a delicous freshly baked choclate croissant or just ready to pcik up a healthy & quick lunch option “to go”. The SweetSpot is always the right spot for you.
Question 2:  Wow, that’s so amazing, I would like to taste the cakes and pastries that you have, it is a loose if I’m not try it. What makes this outlet differ from other , cause along the way, especially in Marina Square, there is others pastry and bakery shop just like you?
Yes, I supposed you should taste it. I guarantee to you that the taste of our cakes is not available at any other store. What makes us so special is that, we have kept the SweetSpot promise
We only use quality ingredients, carefully selected by international team of Chefs
We ensure all the produts are home made at Singapore. We won the award- winning pastry kictchen.
We ensure the prices are reasonable and in line with local competitiors.
We guarantee all food products are tran-fat free
We put all our passion into single product
Question 3: Can you tell use, what is the best menu that you have that brings special identification to this outlet?
In SweetSpot, most likely all of our products becomes favourite to customers either bake or cakes. But the special menu would be it’s Cupcake, delicious, light and soft and vary fresh. Others like strawbery cakes. The cakes was soft on the sides. The filling added a pop of fruity flavour, the butter cream was rich and delicious and being toasted give us the taste a little bit juicy and send you taste buds over the edge.
Question 4: I’m very excited to taste the great Stawberry short cake. It will be losses if I’m not eating it. Ok, Do you have any services that SweetSpot provide, for example birthday party or something?
In SweetSpot, we did offer the services, you can place the order online and by calling us. The order must be made 1 day earlier, and we will make custom cakes according to your references. It’s not only birthday cakes, but for the wedding too, we includes delivery within Singapore only with reasonable charge with radius more than 5 KM. We are also good at seeting up the birthday party to make the customers happy.

Question 5: I’m very impressed with what the shop has offers to the customers. Did any obstacle that the shop face in the industry and how you tackle such such problems?
Most frequently issues that we faced is the increase of raw material that we use to produce the cakes.  Somehow we find other alternatives to use other substance, but in the same time we preserved the quality. For us, the quality must comes first. Secondly , we noted that bakes is perishable in short time, so we make sure, the ingredients use are the best in quality and also fresh for our beloved customers.
Question 6: We noticed that, the food industry is among the high risk. As a Supervisor responsible what do you expect and your dream on SweetSpot in future?
For the future, we will expand the variety of our products to cater the needs of customers. Furthermore we are consistwently in quality and serius about giving only the best for the customers. From time to time, we will add up qulaity of services, in fact on the decorations that can influence for the pepole to visit our store.
Thank you so much Mrs Celine for the info. I hoped that 1 day , I will become your franchisee to bring the SweetSpot to Mlaysia Market
You are welcome Asnawi, I really proud to assist you and also get an oppurtunity to promote SweeSpot brand to Malaysian. And all the best for you research. Thank You again.

Third Interview:
Interviewer : Sallehuddin Yunus
Respondent:  Lee Kuan Meng
Age           :  35 
Company : Ultimate Drive “Take on Supecar”

Question 1: Hi Mr Lee, I’m Sallehuddin Yunus, I’m student of MBA (Management) from Universti Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of visit, is to conduct a reaserch called “ How Globalize Singapore”. I’m intrested to ask a few question regards to this matter
            Yes , I would like to be interview and you can have your question please
Question 2: Can I book first and pay later?
Due to our high numbers of bookings, we do not accept booking without immediate payment. However, we will not charge you if you need to amend the date and/or time later on subject to availability.
Question 3: How can I make a booking - and how can I pay?
You have 3 ways to book with us:
  • At any of our Boutique at Singapore Flyer of Marina Bay Sands. Payment by Cash, Visa and Master Cards.
  • Internet Booking. Payment by Paypal, Visa, Master, and American Express Cards.
  • Telephone Bookings. Payments by Visa and Master Cards only.
Question 4: Can I book as a Driver and change it to Passenger later on?
If you book as a Driver, you will most probably enormously enjoy it. These cars have no clutch, and can be driven in AUTO mode, like any car, but with a lot more power! They are surprisingly easy to drive. If you wish to change to Passenger, it is possible, but we unfortunately can't refund the 20% difference.

Question 5: Please have my card as a guarantee for the booking. Don't charge to my card. I will just pay you in cash on the day of the tour. Is it ok?
We do not accept booking without payment. Similarly, card payment is also needed when you book our tours online.We seek your understanding on this as many a times we have encountered customers making reservations without payment and failed to turn up in the end, thus depriving others the chance to take the supercar ride.We can confirm the booking for you immediately if you could give us the go ahead to charge to your card.

Picture of Interview Session
The Taxi Driver
Marina Bay Sands
SweetSpot Christmas Cakes
Luxury Car
We at The SunTech City
Marina Square Shopping Centre
Model of the business
Company Logo

The Specification of the Car

The Route

                                                                        The Founder
 4 - 6
 8 - 12
 12 - 17
 17 - 25
 28 - 36
45 - 55 
 Quarter sheet
 12 - 18
 Half sheet
 28 - 36
 Full sheet
 60 - 75

The Price of Product


                                                                        List of Cakes

                                                            Popular product in SweetSpot


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